Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google Docs

Google Docs is pretty awesome. I had heard about this before but never attempted to use it. I think it's pretty cool that we can edit or create documents from anywhere....even with a phone! I like the fact that we can just save documents to our computer and edit it offline as well. Pretty cool....I could see myself using this resource for this class and any other classes I take, as well as trying to implement this into the classes I teach. I can post an assignment and students can sign on and edit and create documents as a group project. I want to explore this and continue finding ways I can utilize this resource.


  1. Ya a pretty neat website. Being able to safe a document to an online and be able to access it anywhere. If and when we decide to teach at the college level we could have all of the classes resource documents and templates loaded and available to the students! No Photo Copies!

  2. Its amazing the more you explore google docs the more you think of all the ways you can use it. I just like the idea I can store it and edit it all online. There's no need to download any software to you computer! I can see why people are staying this could eventually be the end of Microsoft Office.