Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Module Three Technology Discussion

Of all the technology resources that we have discussed in this class, I found the podcast and Google Docs resources to be the most interesting and useful. I don't currently use either of these resources in my teaching, but I do think I will use them in the future. Podcasts can be used to guide students and give directions for assignments, and Google Docs can be used to create documents and have students complete individual and group assignments. I tend to think that these may be better suited for high school or college-age students, but it wouldn't hurt to have middle-school kids give it a try.


  1. The google docs were very interesting to me as well. I can see numerous possibilities with the use of these Web 2.0 software. What I like most about this type of software is that documents can be seen, created and edited by pretty much everyone. The podcasts seem helpful too. Its almost as though you are having a computer teaching how to do new things. However I also agree with you that the podcasts are probably more useful for high school students and college students than any other level.

  2. Vincent,

    Google Docs and podcasts piqued my interest, too. I haven't used Google Docs in my teaching yet either. I like your idea of the teacher creating a document and then having students complete individual or cooperative group assignments. I think with the children being tech saavy now, they might be more motivated to produce quality work through this technology tool. I would like to keep exploring its uses and try to implement it at school. As an elementary teacher right now, I agree that the podcasts might be more suited for high school and college students. I do have some special projects the students have to complete like Science Fair, book reports, and map projects. Maybe if I used the podcast as a way to briefly explain the guidelines and directions I could utilize the podcast or a vodcast.